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We have a discount code that is only supposed to be one per person. Apparently the program goes by the email address that the customer gives. One person in particular is getting around this by changing his email address. He's got at least 6 now. Is there a way to also limit the discount by name and address? 
I cannot find anywhere to change this. 

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Hello @KarenFaulkner, There is no way to manage the customer with their name and address to limit discount code limitation. It only fetched the user's Email id.

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Shopify needs to come up with solutions to these types of problems. 

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Hi @KarenFaulkner ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

Shopify discounts can't limit by name and address, only email. Here's how to tackle a customer abusing a discount with multiple emails:

  1. Address the Abuse:

    • Contact the customer and explain your policy.
    • Blacklist the used email addresses to prevent future misuse (but consider they might create new ones).
  2. Third-Party App (recommended):

    • Explore Shopify apps for advanced discount code features. Look for apps that allow restrictions based on email, IP, or custom criteria (search the app store).

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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Hi Theodor, 
That's the or two customers are using multiple email addresses so they can get a discount over and over. These customers are also buying in bulk and getting free shipping so it's hurting our profits. 
Would apps cost us anything to use? 
Do you have a recommendation for an app?