Display All Products on Home Page

Display All Products on Home Page

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I want to show all products on the Shopify store home page when anyone refreshes the page products will automatically be changed (With View More Button)
(Without Creating Collections)



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Abdul Basit
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Hello @abdulbasitt ,

We are OneExperts from OneCommerce and we're here to support you. 


  • If you want to display all products on the homepage, you may want to try these steps:
  • In the panel -> Go to "Online store" -> Click on "Themes"
  • Click "Customize" button -> navigate to the "Homepage" or "Index" section
  • Look for edit the "Collection List" section -> select the collections that have all you products.
  • Save and preview

Hope this can help you with your problem. If you need any further support or want to know how to improve your site performance, hit us up at julia@onecommerce.io for the fastest replies.


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Hello, We build an APP which could show the collections/products in homepage.