Display certain variants on category & product pages

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Hi Shopify Community!

My brand sells herbal tinctures. In the vast majority of our products, our tinctures are sold in multiple sizes; 1oz, 2oz, 4oz and 8oz. Example product page | example category page


On the category pages, the size shown is the 1oz. On the product detail pages, the defaulted size shown (both the image and the drop down value) is the 1oz bottle. 


I'd like to display on the category and product detail pages the 2oz bottle as I think it'll increase AOV slightly.


Other than going into the Shopify Admin and rearranging the main product image and re-ordering the drop down values, is there a way you can think of to show the 2oz bottle on the category and product pages? (I don't want to do this b/c I think it's sloppy when the drop down values aren't in order)


Thanks so much for your insight!



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