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I would like to sell drinks. How can the deposit in the shopping cart / invoice be shown separately?

Best jonas

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Hey, Jonas!

Ciara here from Shopify. Thanks for posting. 🙂

There's no direct way to do this via the admin, but it is possible to do some customisation if you would like to set this up.

There are apps that allow you to take 'Pre-orders' however these won't allow you to display the 'deposit' balance separately, and one limitation is that once the initial order has been placed, most gateways require a seven day window for the collection of payments. The alternative therefore requires a coding customisation, but would perhaps be more suitable for you.

There's also this 'Lay By App' which allows a kind of installment payment set up for you if you have Paypal activated as one of your payment options. But this is not the perfect solution either, as it just allows the customer to select the percentage that they would like to pay, and then pay for a product via installments. Still, an option that is perhaps worth thinking about though 🙂

However, perhaps the best option would be to create a specific "Drink X deposit" product that makes it clear the customer is only paying the deposit for the product, with the ultimate full price listed prominently in the product title or description. You can thereby process the deposit as an ordinary online payment. 

Parts of this guide might be useful to you in creating this deposit product template:

When it comes time for the customer to pay the outstanding balance, you can issue an invoice and create a secure checkout link for the customer:

The downside I guess would be that they are processed as two separate invoices/orders. But while processed as separate orders, they will both go through the Shopify checkout, and so will have taxes applied in the ordinary way, and therefore will be straightforward to track, etc. 

I hope this helps!

Ciara G | Shopify

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Wasn't the question about bottle deposits, not pre-payments?

The poster mentioned "drinks."  In many places, if you buy a drink that comes in a bottle or can, you pay an extra fee which is called the "deposit" in addition to the price.  That gets returned to you when you turn in the container for recycling.  You pay it at the same time as the rest of the purchase, like a tax, but it's a flat amount per unit and not a percentage.  It has nothing to do with pre-ordering.

I'm reading the thread because I'm interested in environmental handling fees, which work the same way.

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Hello Matthew, 
I am looking for information to handle a deposit program for our bottles. We sell cleaning products and cosmetic in bulk using a deposit glass bottle program : https://thenakedshop.fr/collections/vrac .
When we deliver the orders, our clients can give back the delivery person the empty bottles and then we refund. However we are refunding products from the order because I haven't found another solution. Have you found any information or app on how to do this ? 
Thank you, 

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Hi there!

I think I figured out a simple way to create a glass deposit. I did this for my "Growler" (a big glass jug) items on my site: https://culturekombucha.ca/collections/all

-First, I created a product called "Growler Deposit". I set the price, no tax, and no to tracking qty. I made sure it was active on my sales channels. 

-Then, I downloaded the app: "EasyGift: Auto Add to Cart ". (It's $9.99USD/month) I created a new rule and picked Product as my rule type and chose the products that needed a deposit. I then added my "Growler Deposit" as the item to automatically add to the cart. In my case, I selected the options, "Do not apply any discounts" and "Rule works in reverse".

-The next part is to "hide" the "Growler Deposit" from my collections page so customers can't see it on the store. I went to Collections and under Conditions, I did: Product Title: Does not contain: Growler Deposit 

I hope this works for you!  My next step is to figure out a way to add a credit to a customer's account when they do return the glass.

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@snacker  Late reply to an old post. Our app Canteen allows you to handle deposits. If you are still searching!



p.s. Culture Kambucha now uses us as well ^^ 

If you do end up trying it out feel free to reach out to me support@sasquatchstudio.co.