DNS Changes. Bad Advice by Shopify Helpdesk Closes Store for Almost a Week (So far!)

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Last week it was recommended (via an error message from Shopify) that I amend my DNS settings.

I 'spoke' to 2 individuals via the help desk. The first took over two and a half hours to tell me that I needed to change the numbers. (So slow to respond). Responses are unhelpful. I don't need to wait 20 minutes to be told, "We understand your situation and will try to help". I need a solution not glib sympathetic 'There, there's'!  Eventually I agreed and amended the numbers as instructed. Only then to be told that the change would mean that my website would be offline for 24-48 hours! I didn't know this until he told me - After I'd made the changes! Furious, I terminated the call, before going back to the help desk and 'speaking' to another 'helper', who told me that I had been given an incorrect number and that I needed to change it again! My website was indeed unavailable for 48 hours, therefore generating NO sales! Today, over 72 hours after my initial call, I received another message from Shopify telling that there are errors with my website and that I need to amend the DNS number again! Once again I visited help desk and was helped by Maxwell. I say helped, I'm not actually sure that the details he gave me are correct either. I did as instructed via an email, but will now have to wait within 24 hours for his response to my concerns and another 48 hours before I will have an indication that the fix has worked (or not). I can't say that I'm confident. So, to date, since last Thursday, I lost an active website until Sunday, only to find out today, Monday that it's still incorrect. I won't know if it's worked until Wednesday evening - almost a week since the first incorrect advice took my income- website offline. I now find, through searching online, that getting any suitable from Shopify is unlikely. We'll see. To say that I am very annoyed and frustrated is a massive understatement. A week's lost income and of course I have already paid my fees until next December. I do hope that I'm wrong and some proper, credible help is offered. 

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If you're looking for someone on the forums to help, you'll need to explain what exactly you're trying to setup, and also link to your site. 


Are you trying to setup the a-record and CNAME record, so that your third-party domain name points to your Shopify store? If so, let me know what your site's URL is, and I'll lookup your DNS records, to see if they're set correctly or not. 


If you're trying to do something else, please provide more details. 

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