Do you guys use a/b test tool to improve your conversion rate ?

Do you guys use a/b test tool to improve your conversion rate ?

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I was looking to use one of them, but I would like to hear some feedback before .

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Hello @Phillip_63 


May I ask which options you are looking at, and what makes you consider them?


My team and I are developing a smart page builder, and we believe the A/B testing feature is necessary, so I'd love to hear your take on this!


Appreciate the time and feedback 🙂

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Hey Phillip,
Absolutely! A/B testing is crucial for optimizing conversion rates, and it's great that you're considering it. In my experience, using A/B testing tools has significantly improved our conversion rates and cash in. I'd recommend checking out some of the A/B testing apps on the Shopify app store as the y allow for a very easy integration. 

If you're looking for a free app. I just launched Crowly. It allows you to automate A/B testing of your descriptions and pricing.

There are also many other great A/B testing apps. 

Hope that helps.

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