Does anyone give free UPS shipping?

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I have posted this question a few times over the 4 years of having a Shopify store and need to post it again. Does anyone give free UPS shipping on their site?


If so, how do you handle giving free Ground shipping only and not having Shopify's shipping discount offer free 2nd Day and Next Day shipping as well? It seems ludicrous to me that when we offer free shipping, we also have to give free Next Day shipping. Am I missing something???


Thanks in advance!

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You are exactly right in feeling this is ludicrous. I have the same feelings myself as i just offered FRee Shipping for Cyber Monday, and i am looking to continue it permanently. I was advised to "simply adjust my prices to absorb the cost". Thats a no brainer, but doesnt answer our question.


Unfortunately, i am finding now 100% of the time, Shopify Support is completely unable, and not willing at all, to properly assist with ANY issue i have. This is sadly where i am at, and i feel WE are at. Pretty scary as we have so much invested to this platform, but they are not invested in us.

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I offer free shipping on orders over $100.00. It works well. I absorb the shipping and I pick the least expensive way to ship. Customers can upgrade to Priority mail or UPS if they want to pay that shipping fee. Otherwise free shipping is economy, sometimes that does turn out to be Priority or UPS ground but it does add value to our store to offer free shipping.

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I agree it would add value, but I’m confused. In one sentence you say “and I pick the least expensive way to ship” (how are you controlling that?), and in another sentence you say “sometimes that does turn out to be Priority or UPS ground”. Are you selecting the method of shipment or is the customer?

The only method of shipment our company uses is UPS. If we allow free shipping over a certain price, we do not want the customer to be about to ship 2nd or Next Day (priority shipping) – only via Ground shipping. It seems Shopify does not make that possible.
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In your shipping settings you can change the name of the shipping service
and you can also put in parameters.

In your shipping settings you can change the rate name. I put in the name
that I want my customers to see. My rate names are: Economy Shipping (5-8
business days) and I have it set for a base price for under $100.00 and
then free for over $100.00. Then I have rates for UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day,
UPS Express, Priority Mail and Express Mail.

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