Does anyone how I can make my product grid smaller?

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The first image (with the large product view) is mine, I'd prefer my product grid to be smaller just as shown in the other image (you can see multiple products at  once). In my mobile layout I already changed the number of colulmn to 2 but still no defferent. Also I have only one product so I'm not sure if that's the reason.


Hopefully someone knows more about this.

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It looks like there's an issue with the product grid size on my Shopify store's mobile layout. I've adjusted the number of columns to 2 for mobile devices, but the grid still appears larger than desired, especially compared to another image where multiple products are visible at once. Since I only have one product, I'm not sure if that's causing the discrepancy. I'm hoping someone with more experience can shed some light on this and offer a solution. Thanks!