Does shopify POS allow for products by weight?

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We have an organic foods market and need to sell items by the pound or ounce.  Does the POS system allow for items sold by weight?  If so does it integrate with a scale?

Additionally, does it allow for me to enter the bulk weight of an item then deduct inventory by weight?



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Hi CecilCreek! This is a great question. Items can definitely be sold by weight in your Shopify store! In Admin, go to Products and click the blue "Add a Product" button. Under "Inventory and Variants"  can enter the weight of your product. Shopify automatically uses kilograms and rounds to the closest gram. It's important to be as precise as possible when entering the weight of your product for shipping reasons. If you want to change the unit system you can do so under General Settings in Admin. In General, under Standards and Formats, you can select the Imperial system (instead of Metric) which will allow you to sell your organic products by the pound!  

Unfortunately, your Shopify store will track inventory by quantity, not weight. When adding or editing a product you will see your inventory options under Inventory and Variants.  If you want to track your inventory select Shopify Tracks This Product's Inventory and enter the number of products you have in stock into the quantity. 

You can find more information about your options when adding a product here:

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I am looking into this issue as well; rather than setting a fixed weight for an item, is it possible to use weight as a variable? (i.e. "$5 per lb") And then have the POS prompt for weight?


Alternatively, is it possible to enter non-whole-number quantities at sale? (So that the "item price" becomes the number of pounds sold, and increments can be charged.)

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Hi all,


Our company has begun development on an embedded app for Shopify POS that integrates directly with a weight scale.


If you would be interested in such an app, please fill out our interest form here to be notified:



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Hi @CecilCreek @SaltyPorkBits ,

Our company has completed 2 such apps that help for this use case: 

For scanning random weight / price-embedded barcodes:

For selling products by weight and also integrating a weigh scale: (still in beta, please send a PM if you are interested in trying it).


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Our app is now live in the Shopify App Store:

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How would I set up items by weight (e.g. steaks @ 33HKD per 100g) on the desktop interface? Once the item is packed, weighed, I would enter the weight and the price calculated by the rate.