Domain did not auto renew

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My store is down and i am losing sales. I had my domain set to auto renew and it didnt and my store is down. I cant get support to help me. I am so frustrated. How long does it take for support to get to me? I know that i have waited for more than a day for them to email me back before. The live chat is not working either. It states in the Domain Area

"Manage domains

You can manage email forwarding, renew domains you've purchased and remove domains from your store."

I dont see anywhere to renew the domain like it states i can do above


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Hey Brian!

You can find the auto-renew option in the domain settings of your admin, but make sure to click on the "root domain" (the domain without "www."; in front of it). This will bring you to another window where you can see a checkbox to turn on or off the auto-renewal ability.

You can find this area in your admin by going to "Online Store" icon on the left, then clicking on "Domains" in the sub menu (or "Sales Channels" > "Online Store" > "Domains") depending which version of our admin you are using.

If you would like me to look into your issue specifically, I will email you privately with some further questions.

Hope this helps!

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yes, i need some help. It is checked on but my site is down. I am losing sales and cant get tech support to respond to any email i send. The main domain status says ok in green,

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Hi Brian!

Rob here with the Guru Team, I'd like to look into this with you deeper so in order to get some authentication from you so I can get some answers as soon as possible I will reach out you directly via email right now.  Thanks and talk soon!

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I am having the exact same issue, it says:

Your next renewal charge of $14.00 USD is due September 12, 2021

ok well It's October now and it is not providing me with any other option to pay to re-register my domain name. Help!!!!