Domain settings button not visible to change the DNS settings

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Steps I performed:


  1. I created one account on shopify
  2. I bought a domain through shopify
  3. Now i remembered i used wrong email to create shopify account and i deactivated the account
  4. again I created new account using right email id
  5. I linked the domain which i bought in previous account
  6. But connection is failed and there is no option to change 'Domain Setting' along with 'view' Option


It shows following errors

Resolve these domain issues to ensure your Shopify site works for customers.

  • Error fetching domain CAA record
  • Error fetching domain CNAME record
  • Error fetching domain name server record

Where to update these details without domain setting options and where to look what was set before. 
I revived the old account and domain is not linked there too even 'Domain setting' detail also missing.

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