Domain Verification After Reactivating Shopify Store Error

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I've been having a terrible time with Chat Support. Been through 6 different tickets and no one has gone back to me on this for the past 3 weeks! Even though they've told me that the matter has been escalated.






So what happened was, I deactivated my store before going on holidays and then reactivated it when I returned. However, when I checked all the store settings again before launch, I realized the domain had been disconnected.


I've been through all of Shopify's verification process a dozen times but keep getting the same error "These domains couldn't be connected because the stores are frozen". Thing is, this is the only store with this particular domain and I've been told that there's nothing frozen on the store. I can access the store normally and do everything on it. It just the domain isn't connected. I even went through and showed my DNS settings to chat support but nothing worked. They kept asking me re-verify the domain ownership, for which I have done for many many time to no avail! 




Has anyone experience this? If so, can you please provide some guidance because chat support isn't getting back to me. I've already spent 3 weeks on this matter and don't want this to get to the next week. I'll have no choice but to shut down the store as I don't want be paying another month for a store I can't use.


Any help is appreciated. 


Thank you



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I have the same issue. Did you fix it?

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Nope! Still waiting... It'll be fourth week this week waiting for them! 😩

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same issue here, shopify advisors don't seem to know how to solve the issue. 

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Hi there, @TaysonSoftware, @baabub, and @calrepclothing. Thank you for taking the time to create, and follow up, on this domain thread here. My name is Imogen. It's good to meet you!


I'm sorry to hear that you've all been struggling with this domain verification issue. I wanted to jump in here to advise that our Authenticated Support Team can assist you here with having your store information collected, and then have this domain issue looked into with the help of our Technical Team. I recommend that you reach out to our Support Team using the link I provided, even if you have already, just so we can ensure that you get in touch with us properly so we can assist you with resolving this issue.

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Thanks for reaching out. The link you provided just takes to the help center. Same place that we go to get in in touch with a random Shopify advisor. I am at two weeks now with this unresolved issue. Have contacted more than 15 Shopify advisors and still haven't been able to solve my issue. Is there a better way to connect with the appropriate technical support department that deals directly with the issue we are experiencing instead of connecting with a shopify advisor. We need to be able to connect with some one that is trained properly to be able to solve this kind of issue we are experiencing.