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Im having an issue with my Google and Shopify domain. I am trying to link my Google domain to my Shopify store. This way when customers click on my Google profile and website it will automatically send them to my Shopify store. I can't seem to get it figured out. Everytime I link my Google domain with my Shopify store.  When I click on my Google account or my Shopify store it takes me to my Google domain instead of vise versa. I have a paid google domain but don't have a paid Shopify domain anymore. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hi, @Nessalee!

Welcome to the Shopify Community. Sorry to hear you've been having troubles connecting your Google domain to your Shopify store. To confirm, you a have an active Shopify store (on a paid plan) and are trying to connect your custom domain, which is hosted by Google domains - is that correct? Right now, when you open your custom domain, where does it lead? 

If yes, in a previous post, I outline the two ways you can connect a third party domain to a Shopify store. I recommend reading through this post, as the same steps apply to Google domains. It sounds like you are trying to follow the first option that I outline for connecting a third party domain. 

Alternatively, I found a help article posted by Google domains on how you can automatically connect a Google domain to a Shopify store. I'd try following these steps. If you have any troubles, you'll need to reach out to Google directly for assistance. 

Which steps have you tried to follow in order to connect your domain? And where are you getting stuck? If you're willing to share your domain name here, that will be helpful for troubleshooting. Thanks! 

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