Donation options - Ideas on how to make this work

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Hey guys,


I'm looking to add a few things to my checkout page.


First off, we donate 5% of all revenue to 1 of 4 charities. I would like to add an option somewhere in the customer journey that allows them to select one of the 4.


Secondly, I'd like to add an option to match our donation of 5% which would then be added to the cart total.


Does anyone have any idea on how I can make this work? I would be open to doing this with a drop-down menu, multiple choice or a text field. But, how and where!? 



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For customer charity selection use cart attributes, there is a loose DIY guide that mainly applies to older vintage themes so you will have to work out the differences for other themes. 

Tool to help create cart attribute UI's 

There's also customizing the cart note to be the selector but this may not be very future proof. 


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For OS2.0 themes like dawn if you get the forms ID attribute value then instead of editing code you can use custom-liquid section/block on the cart page template by filling in the form attribute for the cart-attribute input (THECARTSFORMIDHERE in the below code)

<p class="cart-attribute__field">
  <label>Select Charity</label><br>
  <select form="THECARTSFORMIDHERE" required class="required" id="select-charity" name="attributes[Select Charity]">
    <option value="ACLU"{% if cart.attributes["Select Charity"] == "ACLU" %} selected{% endif %}>ACLU</option>
    <option value="EFF"{% if cart.attributes["Select Charity"] == "EFF" %} selected{% endif %}>EFF</option>
    <option value="Unbound"{% if cart.attributes["Select Charity"] == "Unbound" %} selected{% endif %}>Unbound</option>
    <option value="St Jude"{% if cart.attributes["Select Charity"] == "St Jude" %} selected{% endif %}>St Jude</option>


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Letting customer matching donation amounts,

Shopify has no fee system in which to add arbitrary costs to a cart*

The native cart can only have a product added as a line item.


So would really need an app to create custom line_items in a draft order, look for match-donation or order fee apps. .

For custom solutions there are scriptable automation apps such  as mechanic to generate custom orders


Otherwise as a theme customization it would mean having to:

A) marked up variants - giving every single product-variant a duplicate with a 5% markup then doing some cart slight of hand to swap the non-donation-matching variants for the donation-matching variants.

B) utility products - create potentially 10's of thousands of products with each product having a unique price(e.g. $0.31, $22.70, $107.60) to be able to match any exact denomination of the 5% by auto-adding the specifically priced product the cart.



*nor are there negative discounts in shopify as a workaround to increase a carts total in shopify.

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Hello @dakotahs,


Can you please send the link to your store?

Then I can provide relevant advice.


Best regards,


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Hi @dakotahs,

I've got a straightforward solution to address your first concern. You can utilize the Free Easify Product Options app to create a custom option right on your product page, allowing your customers to easily select a charity of their choice 😊.

  • Create a new option set:


  • Add an option to choose the charity, using Dropdown option type:




  • Select product(s) that you want to add that Dropdown to:


Regarding the second issue, which appears to be more complex, could you provide additional details or context? 

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Hi Dakotahs,


Iequalchange makes it simple & powerful to accelerate your sustainability journey by giving back to people & planet. 

Check them out here:

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Hello, you might have sorted this by now. i=Change however is a solution for you to donate to different causes/charities automatically with every online sale - Take a look here: