Dont send all variants to facebook shop.

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I connected my store to facebook shop trough the shopify sale channel integrartion.


The products are being sent to facebook BUT, all variants are being sent. To make things worse facebook shows the higher priced variants first since those are the last to sync. Also, the main product image is not being used, instead the image for each varaint is used.. so I have a wall of 600 products that look basically the same with higher priced on top. Not what I want at all.


An easy fix would be to go to the catalog manager choosing the lowest priced items deactivate delivery and reactivate delivery for them.. thus making those products the latest ones modified and having facebook display those since they where the last ones to be edited. But I can't do this since, for some odd reason, the catalog created by shopify is only managed by "owned by shopify" so I can't edit the products.


The end goal is to have only one item (regardless of how many varaints), which should be the lowest priced one, exported to facebook. That item should have the main product image instead of the variant image.

Why would shopify create a catalog where I don't have admin access and why export all variants like that?

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I have the same Issue. Did you solved this?

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I'm having this problem too. Is there a solution by now??