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Hi, our Shopify store has partnered with many small suppliers, and we have always fulfilled orders via a dropship basis. I know Shopify has that custom order fulfillment option wherein we can automatically send an email out to a supplier depending on the product ordered, but the process of uploading the tracking number is where the process gets very manual.


Basically, we get orders which need to be fulfilled by 10 different suppliers, each with their unique location, and we send out the orders just fine. However, when they send back the tracking numbers on a per item basis (usually via email in a csv), we have to manually upload each tracking number. It's even more difficult for customers whose orders are separately fulfilled by multiple suppliers (they usually need around 3-4 separate tracking numbers per order).


Is there any way to automate the tracking number upload process given many different small dropship suppliers, or better an app where they can have visibility over the orders they need to fulfill and update, with us having full visibility over all the orders?

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Order Automator has a feature that allows 3rd parties to update tracking remotely (they submit in a website form that updates the order).


If you just need them to add tracking / fulfill the order, this will work perfectly for you, you won't have to manually add all those tracking numbers any more 🙂


If you need any help feel free to send me a message, I'm the lead developer of the app.

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