Dropshipping items within United States from Indonesia business store

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Hi guys, I am new here please bear with me 🙂


I am starting a dropshipping business from Indonesia. However my target market would be United States.


My objectives:

- Throughout my customers journey I want them to think that I run everything from US (no Indonesia address should visible anywhere, eg. on invoice and web). (My plan is to source the products from AliExpress which has  US warehouses) 

- I would like sell in USD and able to receive it to on my Indonesian Bank Account (with Indonesian Rupiah Currency)


My questions:

- If I set the store address using my Indonesian address, Can I still able to achieve the above ?

- I notice Shopify Payment is not available in Indonesia, what would I be missing here ? if I use other 3rd party provider Indonesia will my website looks American enough ?


Any feedback or reference greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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