Dubble title tags with blogs, how to remove?

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I have dubble title tags which is not beneficial for SEO. 


1. https://relivememories.nl/blogs/videobanden-digitaliseren <-- I want to remove this one

2. https://relivememories.nl/blogs/videobanden-digitaliseren/vhs-vhsc-video8-en-meer


Is there a way to complety remove the first page option?

If don't how can I remove the dubble title tag? 


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In your Shopify admin go to Sales Channel and Online Store and Go to Blog Posts find the blog you want to rename or remove and just simply do it like in screenshot



Stefan Momcilovic
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You also have /news/ before your article Testing Things. 

Is there a way to remove that? 


It's also a page in the website but I want to remove that webpage.


I want to keep the blog itself.. not the page before it. 


So in your case. The webpage stefansweb.myshopify.com/blogs/--> news/ <-- this one has to be removed. 

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https://relivememories.nl/blogs/videobanden-digitaliseren   -- is your"Videobanden Digitaliseren" blog page. It basically lists all your posts in this blog.

https://relivememories.nl/blogs/videobanden-digitaliseren/vhs-vhsc-video8-en-meer -- is a single post (article) in your "Videobanden Digitaliseren" blog.


What @stefansweb2020  is trying to say is that you can control the page title in the area shown on the screenshot, so you can change either your Blog or Article (preferably) title and there would be no duplication.


This, obviously makes sense if you want to actually keep blog and periodically add more posts (articles)which cover that blog topic to it.


If you simply want to have a single page with some info it's better to create a Page object in you admin and add a link to that page. You can't create an article without assigning it to a blog.


There are ways to not show Blog pages (by removing the relevant templates from your theme and setting up redirects) and prevent SEs from trying to index these pages (by adding a seo.hidden metafield), but why?



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