Duplicate Social Sharing Image in iOS iMessage

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I am currently using the Showcase Theme from Shopify and have noticed that when I share my website through iMessage the Social Sharing Image appears twice.

It seems that no matter which image is used in the Preferences tab, the image still shows a duplicate image in iMessage.

I also scanned through the code files and the og:image tags appear once so I believe this could be an isolated issue with iOS & iMessage as it does not show up when shared with Android users. 

If anyone has any tips or pieces of information to point me in the right direction I'd be more than grateful.

As always, stay safe! 



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I'm having the SAME issue and haven't figured it out yet.  Looking for help on this matter as well.

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I have a hunch that it could be an issue with iOS versions after the recent 14.3 update. Which iOS version are you currently using? 

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Same issue for me as well.  iOS 14.4.1

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Did you get this resolved by any chance? I am having the same issue. It was working fine. I launched yesterday and this happened just yesterday. Just my luck. Let me know when you can. Thank you in advance. 

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I have not found a solution yet.
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Hi All,

Just checking to see if anyone had a resolution?  We are experiencing the same thing.  I've talked to Shopify support about this issue and this is what they relayed:

I spoke to my developers. They've said that the issue you're having isn't one that's caused by Shopify. When you share your website it's up to Facebook to look at your websites' code and determine the image it will use. In this case it seems like something between Apple and Facebook is causing the image to display twice.

My developers have said:
A render bug would be Facebook or iOS, since either Facebook is rendering it twice, or iOS is drawing it twice. A network bug would be "is the request being sent twice?" so that would happen from wherever the request to share happens. If that's happening in FB Messenger, the share option lives in FB Messenger, then it's on the FB/iOS side.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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Normally, the image selected for this preview comes from a tag in the code called og:image which is part of a group of tags called Open Graph (learn more). The duplicate image issue appears to happen when og:image and og:image:secure_url (the https version) are different. That difference can simply be that og:image url uses http instead of https. To fix, if your theme includes both tags, makes they point to the exact same URL and both use https. 

For @Meerkhat your site https://beautimaps.com does not appear to use Open Graph tags and it also does not specify a canonical URL (learn more). I would recommend working with a developer to add Open Graph tags that support Shopify's social sharing settings and adding canonical URLs that include https.

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Here are two ways to send a website URL in iMessage without the link preview showing up:-

1. Add Periods (Dots):- This is the simplest method. Here's how to do it:-

  • Copy the website URL.
  • Open your iMessage conversation.
  • Paste the URL into the message box.
  • Add a period (.) before and after the URL. There can be spaces between the periods and the URL, but it won't affect the outcome.


For example, if the URL is "www.example.com", you would type:

. www.example.com .
2. Add Text/Symbols Around the URL:- You can surround the URL with any text, numbers, or symbols (except spaces before the URL) to prevent the link preview.

For instance, you could type:-

Check out this website: www.example.com

Just remember, the surrounding text/symbols will be visible in the message.

Both methods achieve the same outcome: the recipient will see the plain URL without the website's title, summary, or image.

More details assistance below.