Dynamic Pricing on product page based on customer tags (An app will handle the actual discount)

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Hi everyone,

We currently use customer tags and a discount app to trigger automatic discounts in the cart page which then flow on to the checkout etc, mainly used for customer loyalty discounts.

What I am wanting to do, is look at implementing code that can dynamically change the 'displayed' pricing when a customer is logged in. I don't need this code to actually do any discounting, 



Check: Customer logged in?

Does customer account have tags: Owns1product - display price of $90 instead of $100.
Does customer account have tags: Owns2products - display price of $80 instead of $100
does customer have tags: Owns3Products, Owns4products, Owns5products - display price of $70 instead of $100

I already have some base code that I can edit that will reflect a discounted strikethrough price for an individual product that is visible to everyone, regardless of their customer tagging.


The code would need to likely be replicated for multiple products as we have varying pricing across our range, but that I can work on later.

If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know!





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