E-commerce platform for high volume of orders and products

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Hi there.

I'm looking for a platform that can deal with high volume of orders and products data.

Usually, our clients order more than 300 lines of products in an invoice and sometimes its over more than 500 lines.

And We have more than 10,000 skus of products in our database. 

They all have different skus, barcodes, prices and product descs.

I know it's not the usual type of business, but we have to find the platform until the end of this year.


I have experienced with Shopify, Quickbook E-commerce, Cin7, and woocommerce.

But some of them can't deal with the huge data and I saw so too many errors in their system.

Sometimes the order can't import whole products and there were a long delay get the orders in to the system. (Around 20-30mins)


I can't find the e-commerce platform which is stable and safe.

I'm considering about Shopify Plus, but there are too many apps that I have to install with Shopify Plus.

Personally, I don't think its safe to use the third-party apps.


I wonder if anyone has the experience with that kind of situation.

If it is, could you recommend the platform?


Thank you.