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Is there a way to delete product vendors? For example I have another person helping me upload products, and while the vendor is set up as "Canton Cattle Co." she entered it as "canton cattle co" so this makes it as two vendors, but it's the same vendor. I'd like to keep things tidy if possible. Thank you

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Hi, I'm also looking for this answer...


If anyone has a solution.


Thank you

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159 views and no one from Shopify can bother to answer. shame. 


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Still no way to edit vendors. No way to edit or delete vendors or suppliers in Stocky either. This system doesn't allow for human error or tracking of changes. Permissions are like the wild west for staff. We need to be able to make corrections when there are errors! We need to be able to make custom refunds on the POS. There are a thousands things this system can't do that are basic functions still.