Editing Orders on Shopify POS System

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We currently use the Shopify POS Basic Plan to process orders for our Brick & Mortar Store. 
When our Receptionist uses the POS to process orders, she is unable to go back to the order, she must make the payment right away leaving her without an option to correct herself if errors are made. 
We do not want to constantly refund items as this will affect our accounting books and will leave us in an overstated position. 
Has anyone found a solution to editing orders on their POS basic plan? Open to hearing all the options there is out there. 
Thank you! 

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We also have this issue.


I have tried many different apps and did research to make it possible to edit orders in POS, or even edit an order in Shopify Admin and then complete the payment/ fulfil the order in POS.


It sounds like a simple and needed feature in POS, but unfortunately I can't find anything that works.


Would like to here how other Shopify Users work around this issue. 





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I would really like to hear more on this too. We have the same issue and am open to ways with apps or ways to tricking the system to allow unpaid orders to be editable. Seems like there’s alot of unanswered threads on Shopify Community in regards to POS but hoping 🙏 🙏🙏