Eligible Discount Code based on Delivery Country

Eligible Discount Code based on Delivery Country

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 Hi everyone,


I'm about to enter a new market, and would like to offer customers there a 25% off on total order as part of our launching promotion.


I see that it's not possible in 'discounts'.


Can anyone please help or advise a solution for this? 


If shipping to  'X Country' ; able to use 'Y Promo code' for 'Z discount'


Thank you in advance.


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Shopify Partner
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We have developed an application that allows you to generate exclusive discounts through Shopify Markets. You can create massive discounts, discount codes and automatic discounts. You can even exclude discount codes if the product already has a compare at price discount.

I leave you the link of the application: https://apps.shopify.com/fantastic-markets-discounts


Best regards