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Emails are not sending correctly!

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I fulfilled a bunch of orders today and NONE of the relevant information was in the email.

I've edited the email to include special info, and literally everything is missing - all of a sudden. They were perfectly fine a week ago!


Customers choose from a few shipping options when they checkout, and one is a local pick up option, and two are shipping options. All orders receive the same email, whether shipped or not, and there hasn't been any issues thus far.



Now there is... all of a sudden today. 


I went through the email template and it all seems to be good - the test email and the preview are showing up correct, but what the 30+ orders that I just fulfilled all got emails that contain none of the information in them regarding pick up. 

I've attached a screen shot of one of the emails. issue with emails.jpg


Also, is there a way someone can view what emails were just sent so I can easily send new ones? All of my items have been moved to a pick up location and I won't have access to them until next week (now that they've been dropped off).

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