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Hi, is there a way to generate a report on how many orders an employee has fulfilled or shipping labels purchased? 

We're running a competition and wanted that as a metric.

Thank you! 


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I don't think so.


The way I would imagine you would have to do it is have employees add their name as a tag on orders after they fulfill them then see if you can run a report of tagged fulfilled orders by employee name. Im not 100% sure you can do that but that is where I would start.


The other option would be building a custom app as I don't see an app in the app store that does this. I have two apps already but this sounds interesting. Let me know if you would want to do a custom app, I would be willing to help.



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Hello @Hogbackfab ,

As the metric you're looking for involves custom data, you'll need an app for this.

If you're open to using an app, please reach out to us. We can help you with a suitable workaround.

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