Enhancing Store Visibility and Technical Concerns on Search Engines Not Displaying

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Our inventory exceeds 700,000 items, and despite our unique offerings, we are encountering challenges in generating traffic through Google search results.

Over the past 10 months, we have diligently worked on completing our Shopify setup and have recently started to receive orders. However, we've noticed a significant discrepancy in our store's visibility on Google. Despite implementing site indexing and utilizing SEO best practices, our products, especially when searched by part numbers, do not appear as expected in Google's search results. In contrast, our listings on Walmart have generated orders, indicating a better search result presence there.

Additionally, I've attempted to improve our store's SEO through a plugin, which unfortunately did not yield the results I anticipated and was subsequently canceled. My concern extends to the Shopify admin interface, where my store is listed under a default name (e.g., widgetautoparts.myshopify.com/admin) rather than our actual website name. This discrepancy raises questions about its potential impact on our SEO efforts and overall visibility.

I also have concerns regarding the indexing of our categories by search engines. Given the size of our database and the duration it has been active, the traffic to our store does not seem reflective of these efforts. This situation leads me to wonder if there are restrictions or issues within Shopify's framework preventing optimal indexing and visibility on Google.

Could you please provide insight or guidance on the following:

  1. How can we ensure our products and categories are properly indexed by Google to improve visibility in search results?
  2. Is the discrepancy between the default Shopify admin URL and our actual website name affecting our SEO, and if so, how can we address this?
  3. Are there any known limitations within Shopify that could hinder our store's categories from being indexed by search engines?
  4. What steps can we take within the Shopify platform to enhance our store's search engine performance and overall traffic?


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Answers to your specific questions.

1. Meta data on category pages with appropriate backlinks and interlinks. 

2. No, that's internal and is not reflected in search. see attached screenshots.

3. No, it's your linking system, lack of meta tags and lack of a keyword campaign. Indexing isn't enough.

4. Improve your interlinks within your store. Get quality backlinks to your category and product pages can be difficult. You have zero SEO content on your site. You need quality articles that match the keywords you want to rank for & your customers are searching for. Add a blog and create articles for offsite publication on high DR sites that link back to a specific category or product set. 


Your domain authority is only ranked as a 2. This is killing you. You need a proper SEO content campaign and quality backlinks....you've only got 2 and you need 1000s from sites with solid authority ratings. I attached the keywords you're ranking for currently for your review. Having a keyword plan is critical...what are trying to rank for? who are you competing against? etc.


A plugin is not going to do it. You have to dig into the real data and strategize your plan & then work it hard with solution focused content, backlinks, meta, social promotions, etc. 


Hope that helps. I teach on LinkedIn about eCom SEO if you want daily tips. And of course, you can hire me 😉

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