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I have recently started getting import errors when I try to import my updated csv file to spotify.  See error message example below

  • 181 products couldn't be changed due to invalid information

To import products that couldn't be updated, fix any errors in the CSV file and try importing it aga


  • Line 2-8: can't be blank
  • Line 9-24: can't be blank
  • Line 25-34: can't be blank
  • Line 35-48: can't be blank
  • Line 49-70: can't be blank
  • Line 71-83: can't be blank

All I do, is export my products in Spotify and then update the quantities via an excel macro and then import back to Spotify overwriting what is there. This has been working without a hitch for years until a few weeks ago.

I don't understand the error message. For example line 2-8 is not blank. I have attached a sample of the latest import csv file.

Any help would be much appreciated...





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If you open the file you attached in notepad you can see the rows don't look correct. Most likely there are one or more commas in a field which have subsequently caused your column data to shift (the file is comma separated). You can see row 3 starts with html tag rather than handle.


If you are only updating quantities you should be using inventory import rather than product import so should not be including all your content fields:



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Thanks Tom

I understand what you are saying, however if you open the file in excel the handle column looks fine and the rows look fine. Remember, I am only modifying what was exported from Spotify. Also in addition to updating the quantities, I am also doing a few checks on newly added products. So the entire sequence, is add new products, then export the entire database to excel. It then updates the quantities and performs a few checks (eg correct sku number, correct price, etc on the newly added products). Once everything is correct, the file get imported to Spotify. As I said previously, this process has been working for years. Nothing has changed and now I am getting errors.

I don't know why there is a difference when you open the csv file in Notepad as to opening it in Excel. There should not be.