Etsy to Shopify to Printify : Banging My Head on the Wall

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I am so confused by the whole setup process of Shopify.  So, I migrated my Etsy products to Shopify so I can sell from both Etsy and Shopify.  My Printify is linked to both Etsy and Shopify (although my products are only listed in Printify as being listed in Etsy.  


The SKU did migrate over from Etsy.  So, if somebody purchases a product that is on both Shopify and Etsy, will the order be sent to Printify for fulfillment?  


Honestly, even the confusing nature of this question has me considering canceling Shopify already.  I have like 80 products with variations on Etsy and it looks like they're also listed in my Shopify store...but  have no idea what happens when an order is placed .  It's so simple with Etsy, but I don't want all my eggs in one basket since Etsy can close anyone's store without warning.  


Please help me! Thank you!

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Shopify orders are automatically imported into Printify, eliminating the need to manually request fulfillment. Clicking on “Request fulfillment” in Shopify will send the Printify order to production immediately.


This may or may not answer your question but to give you some idea... I have a company that also uses a third party software called ShippingEasy. I fulfill shipments through this shipping service and once I print the label it sends Shopify the information it needs and marks it as 'fulfilled'. What I would assume is that if someone purchases from your Shopify store the order will be sent to both your orders tap in Shopify and automatically get sent to your Printify for fulfillment. Once the product is fulfilled by Printify it then changes the status in Shopify to fulfilled. 

Any questions you may have just let me know. I work in digital marketing but I am also a developer/programmer. 

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