Experiences with Shopify and many articles

Experiences with Shopify and many articles

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I am looking into Shopify and am considering switching from Plentymarkets to Shopify! I have been running a store since 2009 and currently have about 460,000 items online. I mainly sell via Ebay (collectibles).
I received information from support that I can carry out the import, i.e. the restriction of 50,000 items (plus from then on only 1000 per day) will be lifted for a few days and I can import the stock into the system.
The synchronization with eBay should work, as far as I have seen, so that the auctions on eBay are terminated if they have been sold on other channels.

Does anyone have experience with this many or a similar number of items (6-digit) with Shopify (and eBay)?


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