Experiencing glitches with Shopify on a Mac and Chrome?

Experiencing glitches with Shopify on a Mac and Chrome?

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Anyone else experiencing a glitchy system the last while? Shopify has been randomly shutting down or booting me off to login again. When creating a new product listing I hit the save button, the screen blinks and everything is gone. I have to login again and everything I worked on is nowhere to be found. Happened three times yesterday with one product so I gave up and decided to try again today. Product loaded this time luckily. But today my home screen will say I have an order and then when I click orders I get a 404 error page not found. I have to log out and back in. It's getting super frustrating. I own a 2 year old Mac desktop that has been updated and use Chrome. 

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@TheYakYarnery You are not alone. @shopify refuses to acknowledge there is a problem for the past few weeks.  It is not you.  Below is another thread if you want to add on there, and maybe get them to listen.