Facebook - Abusive Content Issue

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Hey Guys,

Here's my store - https://thesnazzyshop.com/


Whenever I'm  trying to set up Facebook ads I'm getting the following error:


Getting this Error -  Your activity can't be published because your store contains content that was reported as abusive. Contact Facebook support to resolve the issue.


Can someone please help?

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I am having the same issue.

Facebook's solution/recommendation was to rename all the products we sell and rename our website which MAY fix the issue.

For reference... We sell speaker cables. I knew the world was going a bit PC made but didn't think a humble speaker cable would be an issue :p.

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I tired to do the same thing and it worked for me thank you! 

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Hi Ghazi

How did you find the products images that give a negative impression?

I can't seem to see anything



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I was having this same exact issue and just resolved it by going to 


Facebook Account Quality (also saw it listed as Page Quality under the Manage Page Left Navigation Bar) & enable two factor authentication.

Once I enabled this, my business page was no longer restricted.


I hope this will save everyone time. No need to contact Facebook support at all.

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I’ve been having the same issue for 3 years now. Facebook support does not reply.

You can make ads via Instagram by boosting a post or Snapchat or just by Pinterest (which gets more traffic to your store). These are better options then Facebook….also since Facebook doesn’t help