Facebook Account Restriction from using the Shopify FB Marketing Channel

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    So we launched our store last week.. Sunday or so I let the Shopify FB Marketing Plugin start a FB campaign.. Last night I deleted the activity in the campaign and the campaign because I wanted to re-organize the ads...   Instantly when the Shopify FB Marketing channel deleted its campaign I started getting errors in FB business center (other tab).. Turns out that deleting the campaign via the API restricted my user account from being able to admin ads anymore.. Worse over, I am the only admin on the business account, and there for can not change anyone else's permissions... anyone ever had Shopify's FB marketing channel nuke their site? 

So crazy, I sell dice, nothing contraversial, no denied ads.. just the act of deleting the campaign triggered FB to get mad... And now I am looking at what are reasonable next steps... I have submitted a request for review but that can take "weeks"

And I have gone to Facebook business support to use chat but apparently "restricted accounts" aren't allowed to talk to chat

Any suggestions on how to get things fixed (without breaking FB terms of service.. I don't want to build something only to have it come toppling down because I built it on a "facebook won't catch you" miss-use of their service.. 

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