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facebook and instagram does not have paypal activated

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I hope you are doing well. I have already added the Paypal account in Shopify Its status is activated still it shows the error of Facebook and Instagram does not have PayPal activated.  can anyone help me with this? 

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Same exact issue. It's connected but says it isn't.

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Same here too! Connected  but says it isnt. I hope we get an answer soon. 

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Mine shows the exact same thing. Mine is all activated & connected as well. Shopify can be randomly glitchy so I'm wondering if this is one of those glitches on their end. 

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Following, I have the same issue though my products still seem to be in my shop despite the issue. 

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I'm having the same problem.  Please reply soon.


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Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram does not have PayPal activated.
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I'm also having the same issue! Integrated Facebook & Instagram with my store has been a massive headache. Hoping someone has a solve for this!

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Same problem here!

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My store is now working. I went into Meta Business Manager and noticed that I didn't have business information entered into the account. Once I updated that with an EIN it started working. 


At least I THINK that's what fixed it!

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Same issue and I'm sad to see there's not been a solution offered. 

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How frustrating, I was hoping to come here to find a solution as well.

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Following..I'm having the same issue

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Hi All,


My sales channel was finally able to sync with Facebook & Instagram. Not sure if this was the solve, but it fixed itself after. 


I went into my taxes and duties tab in Shopify Settings and clicked "Include taxes in product pricing" which then alerted me that it disabled the Facebook and Instagram shop sales channel. If you go to your Facebook and Instagram Shopify Sales Channel you should see two errors. As you know Meta does now allow you to include taxes in your product price to sell on their platforms. Once this happened, I received errors in the Facebook and Meta sales channel telling me I need to fix my check out method. My shops were then deactivated on both Facebook and Instagram. If you go to your Meta Business Suite you will notice that both store accounts will be "hidden" and the stores will not be there.


I then went back into Taxes and Duties in Shopify Settings and unclicked the "include tax in prices". After that, I went back to the Facebook and Instagram sales channel via Shopify and it had me reset my checkout method. I checked, "Checkout on Facebook and Instagram" not Shopify. I saved and this seem to fix the issue for me.


It really shouldn't be this difficult. Anyways, if that made any sense I hope it helps you!

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Thank you for sharing this! This is the only solution i have been able to find

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The solution provided here helped me fix the issue.

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For those of you that have not been able to find the fix for this issue. I think I may have cracked the case for some us that just can't get this resolved using other methods described. First, the utter lack of log access to what is happening is terrible. Also, I didn't read any setup docs, but I do not believe this documented to make sure you have correct. I'm an experienced IT professional and this could have been solved much quicker with access to the server-side logs for my store. In any case...

My issue was mismatched email addresses for customer support. The email address you specify in Shopify under Facebook & Instagram > Settings > Store Details needs to match the verified email address that you setup in Meta Commerce Manager > Settings > Customer Support. There are 2 email addresses on this screen, I put the same email in both fields. When trying to verify the new email addresses in Meta Commerce, there was an annoying hiccup in that Meta requires DKIM authenticated email to verify your support email address, so make sure you have DKIM configured for your email domain. That's it. After making this change, the situation resolved itself and the annoying PayPal not activated message went away.


Hope this helps someone.


Ryan M