Facebook Business Account restricted with no reply since 5 September 2020

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My Facebook Business Account has been restricted since 4/9/2020. It was possibly due to a payment failure unintentionally.

An appeal was submitted on 5/9/2020 in the morning. I settled the credit issue at the same time. As I could not even click the "Pay" button in the billing section of the Facebook Business Page, all I could do was to wait.

The payment was finally deducted by Facebook from my credit card on 8/9/2020.

However, there is no response from the Facebook Internal Team until now... I sent messages to follow up my case in the Support Inbox every day. Not a single word was replied by Facebook. 14 days have passed.... I have tried all I can do to bring back my account.

I have talked to Facebook Live Chat.

I have sent enquiry on Facebook Business website.

I have sent email to Facebook Marketing Expert assigned by Facebook.

I have sent messages to people working in Facebook on LinkedIn.

The only solution they can provide is to wait for the Facebook Internal Team to reply in the Support Inbox. I have even gone to Facebook Hong Kong office in Quarry Bay but was held up by the security. I was not allowed to step into the escalator… I am so frustrated because my business rely on Facebook ad a lot!! I spend ~USD10,000/month on Facebook Ad. Although this amount of spending means nothing to the giant Facebook, I don't think I deserve to be treated like a dog.

This sudden account restriction ceased the cash flow of my business... Facebook is killing my business and me!!

I am so frustrated and desperate... Can anyone please help me.

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Sorry to hear that. I hope things would work better.
Unfortunately, I have the same problem, and I've contacted Facebook, but they haven't responded yet! It's been over a month now.
I don't know if I would be able to open another business account and start over!! I'm so confused as well.

Please update us if they replied.


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Hello, did you solve a problem? I have the same issue, facebook didn't reply to my support inbox for about 2 months now