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Facebook business page/ads accounts being disabled and page restricted

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Hello readers,
I have issues with Facebook business page/ads accounts being disabled and page restricted.
Some background information (which I think might be useful before I dive into the order of events). Whatever is in bold please pay close attention to such details.
I created a new facebook page specifically for the niche my store is in, under the personal account which already had a restricted page / business account.
I created my store page but when I installed the facebook app in my Shopify account to begin setting up the facebook pixel, it was very much on-screen instructions I followed, one step after the other until I completed the setup.
The following is exactly what I did step by step, and the result the following day:
1) I logged into the personal account of the already restricted/disabled page/ad account.
2) Created a brand new page for my niche store. I filled in most of the "welcome" tabs Facebook recommended such as profile photo (I retrieved the logo of my store and put it on the profite pic of the just newly made page. For the cover photo I downloaded a copyright-free image from pexels related to my store. Then I added the website to my page, changed the button to shop. Copied and pasted my about small paragraph and pasted into the Facebook page description.
3) Then verified my domain (I used the shopify domain).
4) I set up my payment method for which I used a Wise card (formerly Transferwise which is a prepaid mastercard). Later in my Wise account statement, I saw that there are two Facebook ad check entries hence two attempts to verify my card but was charged £0 both times, could this be the issue?
5) Then I navigated to my Shopify admin dashboard and to Store Preferences, scrolled down and located the Facebook pixel setting, clicked on the white button and began and completed the on-screen setup process. All steps there and then had green ticks, no issues whatsoever.
 6) After I completed the set-up process in Shopify, I got an error notice that there was an issue with the description for one of my products, which I successfully fixed and all my products now have the green tick. The issue with that product was that initially there wasn't a written description of the product and only images, I fixed it by removing all of the images in the description section and addressing only the product specifications, but maybe FB had picked up on that before I had the chance to fix it?
7) On the following day, I logged into my Facebook account to check up on my page to only discover it was disabled, same thing within Shopify the Facebook app, it said my account was disabled and that I needed to enable it to start running ads. In facebook page/ad account this is what it said:
Your ad account XYZ has been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, ads that are running will be turned off until you've confirmed your account information. (screenshot attached).
In another part of my disabled page/ad account the above is worded slightly differently: We noticed unusual activity on your account and have restricted your access to advertising.
And in another part of the FB account:
This ad account, its ads and some of its advertising assets have been disabled because the business that owns it didn't comply with our Advertising Policies or other standards.
I don't know what to believe, FB's transparency about where you have gone wrong is just so vague that it leaves you guessing as to where you have gone wrong, and no customer service with whom you can chat and get to the bottom of a given issue.
In the past when I created pages they didn't get disabled on the next day. However with my store page the ad account/business page got disabled on the very next day. Could it be something to do with the Facebook with Shopify Business (being it third party integration app - just a guess here)
Two suspicions as to why my account is restricted/disabled:
1) Something with the credit card check might have not been successful.
2) Some Product/s not meeting FB's advertising guidelines.
Please can anyone have a look at my store and tell me which products might be violating Facebook's Ad Policies? Store website:
Side note: Under the same personal account, I have a third page/ad account which is a completely healthy 2 year old minimum (judging by my last transaction there), on that account I had used a visa debit card. With that page/ad account I only had minor faults on the ads but my page/ad account not once got disabled/restricted.
Another side note: With the new account I created for my store, I don't think I had even completely finished the pixel setup, never mind getting to the part of running ads.
I am very tempted to link up my healthy undisabled page to my Shopify store instead of trying to fix the currently disabled page/ad account, or should I try to fix it? What do you think?
Update: I have submitted my Government issued ID for my store page just recently.
Please someone advise me on how to get out of this mess so my marketer can get on with running ads, this is so frustrating.
I have attached zipped folder with all screenshots I have annotated.
I am looking forward to your advice. Thank you.
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Can please someone help me?


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I have the same issue and am at risk of having my Facebook Meta business account being disabled permanently. This is completely unacceptable, how are we even supposed to find out more details about this when we can't even contact support through their platform because our account is disabled?

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was the issues solved since may? I have the same problem right now.