Facebook - commerce account Not aproved Error with Facebook

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Hello, I've been struggling lately trying to link the store to my Facebook page.  

I followed all the procedure in shopify via the "sales channel +". the facebook shop and instagram shopping both show as ACTIVE.

But when i open the "customize Shop" and go to the commerce manager page the store show up as Unpublished. And I get a message from Facebook saying:

"shop updates can't be published because your commerce account didn't pass our standard review", no explanations or any other option to know what is wrong or not in compliance with their policy. Some of my products ( simple tshirt) also just got the " Not approved " stamp don't now why? 

What can one do to get the shop working with Facebook and get then to approve/ allow publishing of the store? 

Any help or advise is welcome as i exhausted all the options i could think of. Thanks! 

Facebook and insta both active on shopifyFacebook and insta both active on shopifyunpublished error in facebookunpublished error in facebookError/ no option to publish within the mannager commerce accountError/ no option to publish within the mannager commerce account

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Happy to hear that your commerce account was finally approved.

Maybe it is just a matter of time... well 3 months at least it seems.


Anyway in the meantime I have posted negative feedback to Shopify in their questionnaire which is in the Facebook app section of the dashboard. Maybe if everyone does the same Shopify will put some pressure on Facebook to look into this.






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If all your products are approved, then you should be able to post pictures on FB and then manually tag those pictures with the link to the items in your shop. This will link to your shop even though the shop is not published. You can still run ads and tag products in FB and all the stats and analytics should work normally. (assuming you have a similar set of circumstances)

I have the following hilarious set of circumstances: 

1) Shopify pixel is running on FB without errors - updates to items in my Shopify portal will automatically update in FB shop.

2) On one occasion I published an item that was against FB policies (after my shop was rejected). I amended the pictures to be in line with the policies (deleted the alcohol related picture). I submitted for a review on this one specific item and within hours the item was approved. 

3) I can edit all the items in my shop manager on the FB side and see all the attributes port over from the Shopify pixel. 

4) I can tag items in pictures on my news feed and this will link to my FB shop and I can further click through to both that individual item (link to purchase through my website) and I can also click through from that page and see my FB shop and all other listed items and link to purchase all items on my website. 

5) The only thing not working is simply the "publish FB shop". This in turn doesn't allow me to setup instagram tagging or instagram shopping on my linked IG profile. 

It's obvious from the item tagging that the shop is up and running and that there are in fact no issues with my commerce eligibility or any of the items in my shop. It's simply some kind of programming error on FB side. 

Bizzarro world! 

At this point I'm resigned to this functionality being good enough and I'll hope that someday it's fixed. Sadly, FB support is not worth working with as they will not do anything to fix or escalate the issue. 

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Yep.. exactly our problem..

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Hello, Thanks for your information. But I just wonder, how can you email to Shopify? I spent long time still couldn't find the way..

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top right corner the blue link

get support linkget support link top 



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I'm having the exact same issue. Did you have any luck? I've had min reviewed and they rejected again but they can't tell me why. Incredibly frustrating.

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Exactly our problem as well. So frustrating about Insta though.

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just here to say we have the same problem. so frustrating!

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haha I just did this, this morning

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Did any of you get this problem solved? cuz I've been looking for an answer as I'm facing the same issue  and no one on Facebook is responding.

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me too im still trying. I was told im not trustworthy due to lack of likes and followers. I know 2 people who have the same and are able to add their shop on instagram 

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Recently got off chat with Facebook and was given this link to get additional support from the FB commerce team..

May be useful for some of you: https://www.facebook.com/commerce_manager/onboarding/support/?ref=cm_onsite_onboarding_channel_selec...

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I want to thank you so much! im chatting with someone now. hopefully my shop gets approved 


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I'm in this exact same situation. Any resolution yet? 

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Not yet. I have contacted the support who have now passed my issue onto the
tech team

"Anyway I do inform you that I have proceeded to share your case with our
*technical / internal / specialized * team. As soon as I have an update, I
will get back to you."

I'll update if/when they come back to me
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My Commerce manager & shop are approved! 

After 4 month waiting!!


Here is what I did : 

- Make sure everything is connected ( domain, email, pixel,..)

- Contact the support for SHOP 

- I said that all my products comply with the policy


I contacted by email and not by chat ( never worked for me trough the chat)


And 3 days later my shop was approved! 

Good luck to all for this I know how frustrating it can be! 


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Same problem.
First I have an old Facebook page almost 20000 followers and a real shop.
I set up my shop in Facebook befor starting my Sopify shop and I have choosed checkout through message.

My commerce accont was approved and a monts later whem my shopify site was ready I just linked to Facebook whitout any problems.

Then I noticed that I can't change checkout from messege to be on my site so I have contacted suport.

They said this can be done only for a new shop. I deleted my shop and start again but this time I linked the shop to Shopify from the begining.

Everithing is the same as before but my commerce account was not approved.

I request second review but stll noting.

How long does the second review take?

I contacted the suport for shops again and they did not responde.

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badgerlabel that is the best news I have heard in several frustrating months.  I hope you see this.  Two questions:

1.  I was surprised to see your reference to reaching Facebook technical support by email and chat.  That void has been the most frustrating part of all of this.  How do you get to it?

2. Did you get Facebook to initiate the re-review  of your site for activation or is there a link to request it?

I hope someone replies.

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This is an accepted solution.

Update my end - Commerce Account now approved. 

So I didn't have to do much other than contact them and explain that I had thoroughly reviewed the commerce terms and was confident my account didn't breach any and that many other users seem to have the same issue. I also attached screenshots of the various screens showing the account not approved.
Here is the link the support team gave me to use to specifically contact the commerce team: https://www.facebook.com/commerce_manager/onboarding/support/?ref=cm_onsite_onboarding_channel_selec...
When you click through to the link it'll ask you to select the page you need support with. Under Topic I selected 'Account Setup' and then 'Getting approval for Instagram Shopping'. I think you can select other categories and get the same outcome though so have a look through them.
Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 20.09.18.png
My advice would be to message facebook directly using the above link if you haven't already. Be detailed, and demonstrate confidence that you meeting the commerce account criteria.