Facebook - commerce account Not aproved Error with Facebook

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Hello, I've been struggling lately trying to link the store to my Facebook page.  

I followed all the procedure in shopify via the "sales channel +". the facebook shop and instagram shopping both show as ACTIVE.

But when i open the "customize Shop" and go to the commerce manager page the store show up as Unpublished. And I get a message from Facebook saying:

"shop updates can't be published because your commerce account didn't pass our standard review", no explanations or any other option to know what is wrong or not in compliance with their policy. Some of my products ( simple tshirt) also just got the " Not approved " stamp don't now why? 

What can one do to get the shop working with Facebook and get then to approve/ allow publishing of the store? 

Any help or advise is welcome as i exhausted all the options i could think of. Thanks! 

Facebook and insta both active on shopifyFacebook and insta both active on shopifyunpublished error in facebookunpublished error in facebookError/ no option to publish within the mannager commerce accountError/ no option to publish within the mannager commerce account

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thats good are people able to shop at your store now on instagram?

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Please, send me the contact details if you can. I have the same issue. Thanks You!

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Hi Stoat,

I am facing the exact same issues as you and am so angry with FB because they dont even give a detailed reason for rejection that one can identify then and resolve. Since it has been a while that you posted this, was wondering if you have found help to resolve these issues ?


Please let me know.




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Aloha I am facing the same issue and I am very frustrated with this  "not trustworthy" issue. You said you  started a campaign to boost the page and finally it was approved.

How long did it take for you to get an approval and how much did you spend  to promote your page? I have been promoting my page and products to increase the traffic and all the numbers have been  increasing. But I just wonder what is specific minimum number of traffic or followers Facebook wants us to have. Please share your experience if you don't mind.


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Hi JB,

No, i am facing all issues possible on fb. I meant to say that i am unable
to run campaigns or boost or advertise my page.

Facebook has weird rules and assumptions - it believes that long
established businesses and those with more followers/likes are more
reliable. This is generalising things and as untrue as things can get!
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Hi all,

Sorry I haven't been back here to update everyone.

Basically from what I can find out, you need an extensive following to be seen as trustworthy. As of yet I haven't got the FB shop or Instagram shop set up. 

I'm going to look at Google instead and once our store is looking really established then I'll contact FB and ask them for a review. I don't know how many reviews you get, so I don't want to ask until I'm sure there is no reason for them to decline.

Good luck all!


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I was able to get my shop approved and then my instagram shop approved
after getting the initial rejection of not meeting Commerce Eligibility

One of the main mistakes I made was applying too soon for Facebook shop and
Instagram shopping. Make sure u have at least 50 followers / likes on
Facebook and 100 followers on Instagram when applying for instsgram
shopping. When I first downloaded the shopify /facebook app I was wrongly
advised by a shopify chat assistant to apply too soon and connect

And I found out the hard way that there is a shopify /facebook app
integration problem. As when I downloaded the shopify Facebook app and
synced my products, most of them were flagged wrongly and in the wrong
categories. Yet when I uploaded them manually they were fine. ALL these
product rejections I believe caused my Commerce Account to be rejected
quite quickly.

After 3 months of immense stress and emails and chats with shopify and
facebook I finally realised what to do myself.

Do NOT ask for another/second/final review of your account until all your
products are in green and not flagged. And because this was being caused by
the shopify facebook app I finally just decided to delete the app. But
deleting the app and disconnecting all of it is not enough, I finally
realised that you have to delete the shopify datafeed in the Facebook
Business Manager which was in the data sources section I think. I'm not
sure if you have to delete the shopify pixel but I did that as well.
You then manually upload all your products. Make sure your domain is
verified on the Facebook Business Manager and have an adequate following of
at least 50 people on Facebook and your Commerce Account should be approved.

I hope this information helps someone out there as I went through alot of
mental stress with inadequate help. If you have already applied for a
second review and got rejected again I think the only other option is to
make another facebook business page and do not connect it the shopify app
at all just manually upload the products and you should be fine.

Best of luck. And remember nothing is worth losing your mental health over.
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Who did you get in touch with on Facebook to get another approval?
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Thank you so so much for this insightful info! I am in the same soup as am sure some more of us here.

@sapphire86 How does one manually upload over a 100 products that one is trying to sell?! That is a jagernaut task. Any other ideas /advices? 



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Yes I only had 20 so it was okay for me. If you have alot of products then
I believe what worked for me of course isn't the ideal solution. But what I
do know with certainty is that the shopify Facebook app is going to fail on
most people- there are too many issues with it, it's an automated system
that will flag your products incorrectly and even into illegal categories.
For example I am selling lashes and the shopify Facebook app kept flagging
it as Smoking or medicinal products. You can ask for a second review of the
product but if it fails twice you can no longer sell that item on the
platform or ask for another review of that product! And you can't upload it
again either because that would be recreating it completely on your
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Thanks so very much for your help and advice, Sapphire. It is appreciated and well taken. 

Wishing you all the very best for your brand and always!



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So I finally find a solution to this problem. I contact facebook and they manually fix it after few hours. 

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And how did you contact them?
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Watch this one-minute video it was really helpful that's how I fix it share it with everyone.


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I had the same issue with lashes. 5 came up as animal and ik corrected them to the right category and it was approved. after, I tried to get approval for my store and was still denied. this is a stressful issue that Shopify needs to fix as well as FB as most customers come from both social media.  @ sapphire86 may I ask how did you get to the pixel to delete it as well as the Shopify data?

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My shop was approved this morning after 6 months of headaches.  I attempted to approve it before our site went live (my mistake) so they denied me because I had not verified the domain, and I hit request approval again right away.  I didn't realize you only had two approval requests.  For the past 6 months when I logged into Facebook Business Suite it said "Were reviewing the status of your shop". FOR 6 MONTHS.  Over the past month I began to hammer the "support team" daily until I got an answer. I used this link: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/support/get-help and I explained to them that my shop violated no policies and that I have spoken with multiple "support folks" and nothing was being done to help me.  I demanded to speak to a supervisor who could better assist me.  They kept saying a supervisor would get in contact with me within 48 hours, which they never did. So with my morning coffee I would send another kind support ticket.  Well here we are and my shop somehow got approved, on a Sunday morning.  Wish I had a better answer on how this worked but I don't.  I feel like they got tired of seeing my tickets and just approved it.  Hope this helps some of you as I know how frustrating it is.

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Hi Ktwalters11

Congrats! You made it! Thank you very much for sharing your story. But I
don't think I have that kind of patience.

They did not give me specific reasons or what needed to be done in a plain
I kept sending a review request and emails to find out the real reasons.
They just kept saying to follow the requirement, not saying a
specific reason.
But after speaking to numerous FB people and waiting for over a month,
one honest guy told me I do not have enough followers and
likes. My products and shop are fine. So he suggested that I keep promoting
the products and shop.
So I guess waiting for a month was not bad at all after hearing your story.
But he said that some people got an approval with only 250 likes. He was
not sure about specific numbers.
I guess it's all up to the person who looks at each case.
After all of this, I was just frustrated.

I can use FB ads but not shop. I can set the SHOP button on FB ads but not
on instagram ads.
People can see all my products on Instagram but Instagram would not let me
put a shop button or automatic
products transfer from my shopify store products list. I really don't
understand their point of doing this.

Shopify sounded like we could connect the shopify store with FB and
Instagram shops instantly. But it is just not ture.
They should have mentioned these potential problems from the beginning.

But for now as long as the prospects can land on my shopify store through
FB ads, that is all that matters.
and eventually it will create enough followers and likes to qualify for FB
and Instagram shops.

Thanks again and good luck!!
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How did you contact someone in facebook to help fix the issue? My problem was when I first started my business I didn’t realize I was using copyright pics and descriptions. When I would do a search all the same pics and definitions would show up in basically every shop, so I just thought it was universal descriptions.  The company that I was using some stuff from started reporting som posts and Facebook locked me out for a week and was unable to delete or fix anything. Finally when I was allowed back on I deleted everything but while I was  in fb jail they kept reporting my posts. So once I was allowed in I deleted everything and there were a few posts that just wouldn’t delete and I had to try deleting it like 5 times before it would delete.  And meanwhile there was one I knew I deleted but showed back up. And that was the last and final post they reported and facebook disabled my whole account that I had since 2008.  Meanwhile I have tried to get a hold of a person at Facebook to try and explain what happened. I have an email from the company that reported me and she understanding that it wasn’t done on purpose and knew I was genuine. But she said since there is no live person for her to speak to, there was nothing she can do to drop the charges.  The truth is I honestly thought it was just music you couldn’t copy. Ooh boy did I learn my lesson. I’m the type of person that would have never done this is I knew I wasnt allowed.  So I ended up creating a new account for FB and the made a new shop page. Thinking I can start all over.  But do you know they combined my first shop and new shop on the business commerce page they must have flagged my account cause nothing I can do go connect my Facebook or Instagram to Shopify.  It’s been almost a year trying to get it back.  I deleted the first shop off the commerce page but it keeps on saying my shop goes against policy standards. Does anyone know how I can fix this. Or who I can contact to resolve this issue.  It’s funny cause facebook will take my money to run ads but won’t allow me to download the catalog.  Please help!! 

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Can you still run ads even if your shop store wasnt approved? Or am I screwed still darn. I wish i read this before I requested a review.