Facebook Marketing assistance require as no sales yet on my store

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Its been more than 3 month I have opened my store and still no sales. I have redesign my store since then a lot.


I have also hired 3rd party team to assist me with SEO a month ago.


I have started doing Facebook advertising now and I am getting some traffic not much. My target location is UK and here is my store www.myonedecor.com


Can someone from Shopify please help me understand what I am missing? I can invest more if I have some sales. But it seems my Facebook marketing is not very effective. Do you have some pointers I can use to review and update my Facebook advertising for UK market?


Here is my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100095041977878


Looking forward for a feedbacks and suggestions. Thanks.


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Hi Vinayashinde, 

This is Amee from Gojiberry - Shopify Survey & Feedback App

Getting a store up and running is no easy task! Good work on all the efforts put into the store! I took a look at your store and have a few suggestions that will help increase your conversion rate: 

1. Fix banners & fonts. Your current head banner and fonts don't make the site look very professional. I would suggest using a different high quality banner and making sure all the fonts on your site stay consistent. 
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 10.57.28.pngScreenshot 2024-01-16 at 10.57.36.png

2. Connect Social Media. If you already have a growing Instagram account, it would help to connect the feed to your main site, thus giving it more social proof. Research shows that 76% of customers buy products seen on social media posts. 

3.  Improve trust. Currently, when I click on "contact us" at the top, there is just a contact form but no information about your company info etc. Furniture item tend to be pricy and therefore people won't buy them easily unless they trust your site. I would suggest adding "trust pilot" to your site, as well as include as much info as possible so shoppers can see you are a legit company that will fulfill their order. Here's an example of a furniture store on Shopify that's doing very well: https://homedetail.co.uk/ You can reference what they are doing to gain customer trust. 


Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 11.04.09.png


Also since furniture are heavy item, be transparent about the shipping cost (or can you offer free shipping?). 

4. Connecting online with offline. If you have a showroom / physical store, make sure to always be telling your customers about your online store, adding a quick card with your online store address provides your new customers a chance to purchase again without coming to your physical store. 

5. Testimonials. Try to showcase at least 5 testimonials on your site. Whether it's from friends and family, or your offline store customers. Having some social proof helps boost consumer confidence in your site. 

6. Ask your customers! (Most effective for increasing conversion) When you have some converting customers, ask them how they found out about your shop. You can easily do so with a post-purchase survey app, and reward your customers with coupons/points to keep them coming back again. Once you find out your strongest marketing channel, focus more effort and money on that.


Hope this helps! 

Amee | Gojiberry Team 

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I really appreciate all your efforts and the information provided. Thank you very much. I have managed to do some changes based on your reply. But it seems the Theme customization has limitations. Are you able to comment on which Theme the example site you provided might have been using and it if I change my theme, will it break my site?

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Hello @vinayashinde 

I'm Garcia, an CRO expert from PageFly, a Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. I like your store, it has everything I need for my new home. However, there is room for improvements and hope it helps you


1. Reduce numbers of products on homepage

Although you need to showcase your featured products and collections on Homepage, it can overwhelm visitors and make it difficult for them to find what they're looking for. Moreover, having a large number of products on the homepage can slow down your website's loading speed. This can negatively impact user experience and SEO rankings.



2. Add collection list

Collection lists allow you to categorize and organize your products into different groups or themes. This helps customers easily find what they're looking for, especially if you offer a wide range of products.



3. Highlight core product and brand features

In a competitive market, showcasing your brand's unique features helps you stand out from competitors. As you are selling home decor, kitchen dinning,..., emphasize any exclusive or unique products that are only available through your store. These can be items with special designs, materials, or features that set them apart from what competitors offer.



4. Prepare for Valentine sale

As Valentine's Day draws near and numerous retailers are gearing up for Valentine's sales, contemplate these expert tips to enhance your holiday planning tactics.

  • Countdown timer: This can prove especially impactful for time-limited offers, Valentine sales occasions, or emphasizing the product's rarity.
  • Reduced-price Packages: Present these package deals at a lower cost than what customers would pay for individual items, rendering it a more enticing offer.


Hope it helps!



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Thanks @PageFly-Garcia 

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You are welcome @vinayashinde I have little knowledge about Facebook ads but the check list here might help you: 

1. Provide a Clear Reason: Start by clearly communicating the purpose of your promotion to customers. Address the "why" behind the offer to show respect for your audience. Choose reasons that resonate with your target audience, such as holidays or special occasions.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency: Given today's short attention spans, use time limitations to grab visitors' attention. Highlight the urgency of the deal with countdown timers or specific language like "Special promo" to encourage quick decision-making.

3. Evoke Emotions: Recognize that emotions play a significant role in decision-making. Use content and images that trigger emotional responses in your audience. Visual elements, colors, and fonts can also contribute to capturing interest and guiding visitors to take action.

4. Offer Guarantees and Social Proof: Build trust with your audience by offering money-back guarantees and showcasing social proof. In an age where online scams are a concern, gaining your customers' trust is crucial for successful conversions. We have several use cases for this point and it turn out that Social Proof is really important to customers. 


Hope it helps you!


Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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