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We are a subscription based company so we essentially only sell one product on a recurring basis. Does this mean we don’t need to add a product catalog for Facebook? We have errors on our pixel events because of these product catalogs. If we set the product catalog up does that mean we have to sell on FB or IG? I want everyone to come onto our website to purchase! Also I set up my pixel using the integration and it automatically sets up the standard events for me... should I be adding them manually or like this?

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Hey, setting up Catalog with you pixel is a always a plus point, if you are doing 1 product store, its not must to have but setting up catalog give you more pure data for remarketing.

And about the facebook shop, catalog can be used to setup facebook shop but its not must.

about the integration, standard pixel setup is good for start but if you wanted to scale you need to segment your data more,

the more you traffic is gonna be the more you need to segment the data, and for that i would suggest you Winads.


Winads help you setup multiple events in your pixel to segment your data.

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