Facebook pixel not recording add to cart event

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I have set up my pixel with my Shopify store via the partner integration and my pixel is shown to be working when I tested it in Facebook. Data such as impressions, link clicks, and click-through rate are shown in my ads manager but add to cart is not. I have had my ads running for over a week and have had over 15 add to carts in that time but none of them are shown in the ads manager.


I checked my domain in facebook using "test events" to make sure my pixel was working and when I added an item to my cart, the event was recorded but when customers add to cart it isn't recorded in my ads manager. Not sure why my pixel is not recording the add to cart data.


I have disconnected facebook from shopify and reconnected the business manager, ad account, facebook page and pixel but nothing seems to have changed.


my domain is relaxaromas.com


I've added some screenshots of what is on my screen. 

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Hi @flamemist are you using Shopify form

{% form 'product', product %}

or some custom solution? If it's the default one, there shouldn't be a problem, if not - you could always create custom pixel event, something like:

   fbq('track', 'Add to Cart', {currency: "USD", value: 30.00});


Hope this helps!

M.Petrovic | Shopify Developer
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