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Hello, I just created my second shopify store, and everything was going smooth until I tried to verify connection of the pixel. The pixel connected perfectly with my shopify and the facebook pixel helper extension can read the pixel perfectly as well, but when it tries to verify connection on facebook, it says no activity. Please help!

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When this happens, click on the specific button where you attached your pixel code and click on the Pixel Helper again to see if this fixes the problem. ... If this is the case, you can try deleting the Facebook pixel code you've placed on your website and adding the code again.

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Frasi Mondo

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Fantastic, that worked for me. My guess is that if you have that option activated, the Pixel wouldn't track you so it wouldn't fire and so the Pixel Helper wouldn't see any activities. Thanks for posting it!

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You the man, you fixed what facebook couldnt and shopify couldnt, you the man, you saved my evening.

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Thanks for this man!
It's been nearly a month of back and forth with Shopify support... they always came back with some general BS and poiting that the Facebook channel is a 3rd party app, they dont have any access to whet they do.... blah blah.
I was losing hope to find the solution!
Thanks again!

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Thank you for your inquiry.
Can you please share your website link with me?

You can send me your website link on chirag.patel187@gmail.com

So i will be able to check and provide the best solution.

Thank you,
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For those who the above solution did not work for, try adding the pixel manually so instead of selecting the partner integration option, select the manual integration option. Its the only way I got mine to work and so far, so good.

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Now that you can’t uncheck the California CCPA thing, what can you do to fix this? Our ads manager is not showing view content or add to cart but it is showing everything else... pixel helper shows everything working as well.