Facebook pricing does not match shopify price

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Hello everyone,

I have updated my facebook app and re-imported my products. However, now, facebook is showing what seems to be the Compare at price, rather than the price I have set in my Shopify shop.

Anyone have this issue? Can someone help out? It doesn't look very good...

Thanks in advance, 



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I've figured it out. It also explains why sales prices are wrong for anybody trying to list a product with a discount.

Bascially the Shopify Facebook Sales channel integration and the Facebook marketplace are missunderstanding each other on a signle but importand value.

The Facebook sales channel integration communicated product info with the Facebook marketplace via a CSV file. Two particular fields are very important when it comes to pricing:

Price and Sales_price

Unfortunately somebody has messed up either the mapping or misread the specification because whilst Shopify Price maps to the Facebook Price (All good!), the Shopify 'compare at price' value maps to the Facebook marketplace Sales_price 

This means that if you have a non-zero 'compare at price' and it is different from the Shopify sale price, the price shown on Facebook marketplace will be wrong

E.g. if on Shopify you have a product listing for a banana with a price of £1 and a 'compare at price' of £2, Shopify will show the product with a sale price of £1 and 50% off. The Facebook product listing however show the product with a price of £2.

Obviously I have raised a ticket with FB and also Shopify.

(PS my problem with pricing existed because of non-zero 'compare at prices')

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So.. I guess that after more than a year this issue wasnțt fixed yet? The prices on facebook catalog are still the compare at prices from shopify