Facebook Shop not updating Price changes

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When we make changes on price on shopify store the price on facebook is still with the old price , what can i do to make synchronize between facebook and shopify store


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Hey @AbdelazizGh,

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Sometimes it can take a little while for updates to push through. Though, some good things to ensure include:

  • That there are no flagged errors within the Facebook sales channel

  • That each of the newer products added is set to 'visible' on your Facebook sales channel

  • Have you tried toggling the re-sync button? We do recommend this after applying any changes to your Facebook store.

A workaround that has worked for several other merchants is to temporarily deactivate the product on Shopify whilst making any adjustments then reactivate the product on your sales channel after saving any changes. Please let me know if you do not see the changes update after 48 hours.

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