Facebook shop showing most expensive variant?

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I'm very new to shopify but managed to hook up my Facebook account easily (currently disabled though) however it's showing the most expensive option for my products and I fear it's scaring off potential customers.

I'm a portrait artist ( www.littlesqueesh.com ) so for 1 person it's considerably cheaper than a portrait of 5, but on facebook it's showing the portrait for the higher cost of 5 people. Obviously if people venture further they'll soon see, but I think that price tag upfront is quite daunting.

Is there a way to get the facebook products to show from the lowest price option (like it does in the shopify shop itself?)


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Hey Hannah,

Nick here from Shopify.

Currently you can't change that behaviour as it's coming from Facebook. What I would suggest is splitting up the product into two or more so that you can show products for varying numbers of people, at thier respective prices.

Hope this helps!

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Nicholas | Shopify 
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Sadly that's not an option as each of my portraits (colour, black & white and christmas themed) can have up to 5 people each, that's 15 products and would look extremely messy.

Will just keep the facebook shop disabled, thanks anyway.


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I'm in the same boat here.  I sell photography prints, each picture with multiple variants (sizes, frames etc).  It's too messy for me to create indivudual products of each variant, so until this issue is resolved, I too will have a disabled Facebook store.

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Please fix this! I can't believe a company like shopping still have this kind of issues. I'm seriously considering shut down my Spotify plan just for this.

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Super aggravating! Same issue, it is keeping my prices from appearing competetive! My products look much more expensive than my competition, this is super annoying. If Shopify knows how Facebook pulls product info all they would have to do is alter the way the info is fed! EASY FIX SHOPIFY! Have your coders do what they get paid to do! This isn't rocket science!

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I know this is an older thread.  I just ran into the same issue.  The "All Products" showed our most expensive variants and we were afraid that it was going to scare people off.  I was told that one person saw the prices and called us up to ask if that really was the price.  It made their jaw drop.  When we explained it, they were satisfied and able to see that the variant was auto selected to the most expensive.  So, to fix this for our company here at Bluegrass Hive & Honey, I duplicated the first variant in each product and just gave it a similar name.  For instance, the first variant for our Beard Oil was "No comb or brush" and I gave the duplicate variant the name "Just the Beard Oil".  It has the same price as my first variant.  I did this because I could see that Facebook was just doing a list look and grabbing the last variant in the list as the price of the product.  So, make the last variant the same as the first variant seen in Shopify and we are good to go.  I synced the collections to Facebook and everything went to the correct price.  I really hope this helps someone.

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Thanks Torry!

This was really helpful and helped me solve the same problem.

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Has anyone heard anything from shopify? wow... this is a huge defect

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I may have found a solution.

  1. Go to your catalog in Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Find the product variant you want to feature first. (cheapest or particular color)
  3. Click on the product to open dialogue box.
  4. Click Edit Product button in the upper right.
  5. Finally, click save in the edit window (no need to change anything).

It should set that variant as the one to show first. It worked for me. Presumably, Facebook uses the newest product variant first. Not sure what happens when the products update from Shopify side but at least it's a workaround.