Fake CLONES of our website are sending FB tracking pixel data

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There is too much sensitive information to share in a public forum, but here is what we found:


  1. Facebook Tracking Pixel Installed on our site
  2. The next day, we see some REAL URLS, top level domains, sending data to our pixel
  3. We block it of course, but took a look
  4. These domains have seemingly "cloned" our entire site
  5. These domains are also indexed in Google
  6. Many of the produyct images are mysteriously missing on the fake domains
  7. but in the code, our FB pixel, GTM and GA4 tracking is there

In closing, we are reporting this to Google, Shopify, Meta, ect...

We know how to "block" the nonsense


But, I want to understand why, who and how this would happen?


We are not entirely sure if/how this has harmed us 

  • We suspect that there may be some GoogleAds click fraud at play here
  • This could be a "Big River" shenanagan (find out about that on your own, im not posting it here)
  • We see how this could invalidate GA4, GoogleAds or FB audiences, corrupting the audience 
  • Duplicate content penalties for SEO are a concern as well


PS: double check your own tracking analytics and see if this has happened to you.

When we Google Search these "fake domains" they have 1000s of our own pages duplicated and indexed

their checkouts do not work, which is also very odd...


to check, head to your FB tracking pixel, look for FAKE domains that are similar to your own domain, but not owned by you



For GA4 head here and check on TAG QUALITY

We of course ONLY allow our real domain to send traffic

but clearly, there is a shenanigan here as well




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