FAKE DMCA Takedown Notice

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A Shopify store keeps sending me DMCA Takedown notices. Inside the DMCA they say that I am copying part of their content and the truth is that I have not copied a word. The problem is that the Shopify legal team does not manually check if my content is the same or different, so they ALWAYS deactivate my page for no reason. I have lost a lot of money by having ads on social networks, because my page has already been deactivated 6 times in the last month.

It seems that the Shopify legal team is unable to help me, they are unable to even see if what it says in the DMCA is true. I have contacted on numerous occasions and they always tell me that they cannot do anything and that with regard to the store that sends me the DMCAs they will not do anything against them, when I think that these types of stores are doing a lot of damage to the ecommerce industry and to Shopify in particular.

I feel that on this platform no website is safe, because as soon as they send you a fake DMCA, a chain of fake DMCAs will start from which you will not be able to get out and you will have no choice but to close your store. I like Shopify but because of this I am going to have to look for other possibilities to build my stores. I cannot waste any more money and time on this platform.

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Did you fix it?
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Did you or anyone else figure out a solution to this? Thanks