Fake DMCA Takedown

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A competitor filed a fake DMCA takedown notice.


After filing a takedown notice myself on someone stealing our copyrighted content, the person who I reported just created a new product page, used our content and sent in a false DMCA themselves. 


I filed a counter notice for the material which was removed and was told it could take 10 business days. Which is way too long doing our volume, therefore I was wondering if there's a quicker way to do it?


My main concern however is: If the same person who made the complaint report another DMCA takedown on the same product page after it was enabled, will Shopify take it down again? This is the second time this has happened. If they do it again, I run the risk of having my entire store shut down...


I find it mind boggling that Shopify doesn't even check the DMCA claims sent in. They just take you down, let you wait 10 days and if the competitor is determined enough and send in enough DMCAs they'll remove your entire account. 


This could go around in cycles. Is there any Shopify policy to prevent that? What can be done to combat fake DMCA claims?


Support is unable to help, so I'm asking for help from someone in Shopify staff.

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I 100% am having this issue. Looks like we should probably look for another platform to get on as Shopify's support chat was not helpful by no means. Costing me lots of money myself.