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hi, i follow all the steps to create a menu and i edited and connect all the pages except the FAQ pages. I tried to create a FAQ menu in the bottom area of my store , but after pressing preview it appear a only a the header, the logo, the bottom part, but not the main content of the page, can someone help me?

thanks in advance . 




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two possible reasons why the main content of your FAQ page is not appearing:

Incorrect Page Template:
Missing Content Elements:

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Possible Reasons:

Incorrect Page Linking: Make sure the FAQ page is properly linked to the menu item. Verify that the link is pointing to the correct page URL and that there are no typos or errors.

Theme Compatibility Issues: Some themes may have specific configurations or settings required to display FAQ pages correctly. Check your theme documentation or contact the theme developer for assistance.

Content Block Visibility: Ensure the content blocks containing the FAQ content are set to visible. Check the page settings or editing interface to verify that the content blocks are not hidden or disabled.

Theme Customization Conflicts: If you've made any custom theme modifications, check if those changes are interfering with the FAQ page rendering. Try reverting to a default theme or disabling custom code to isolate the issue.

Plugin Conflicts: If you're using any plugins that affect page rendering or content management, disable them temporarily to check if they're causing the problem. Re-enable them one by one to identify the culprit.