Feature Request: Allow discounts to be set to be used X number of times per account

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We have cards we send out with each shipping order, which include a discount code encouraging our shoppers to return for another visit online with us. We want to set it so that they can use that discount code a total of 3 times, not forever. Currently, @Shopify has discounts set to either one use per customer or you can set a limit on the number of times that code can be used in total by everyone. This means that one client could use it 100 times, if I set the max number of times the code can be used to 100. That isn't our goal. Our goal is to give the shoppers a discount 3 times upon returning to us, with the hopes that they love our service and products well enough by then to shop at full price for future visits. 


Shopify please include an option to set the discount codes to be used more than once per account, where the user (us) can set how many times each account can use that discount. 

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Hi @petgrocer ,

You can achive this by create a workflow in Shopify Flow App.

Step 1> Create a customer segment using filters that include all customers apart from the one's who have a specif tag "Used3". This Used3 tag is something that we will use to determine if any customer has applied the discount 3 times or not.

Step 2> Create a Shopify Flow to add a tag to the customer whenever they use the discount code. Below is the screenshot of how the flow would look like.


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Thanks for taking the time to explain this and include a visual. As an extremely overworked business owner I am hoping for an easy to use system, where I don't need to learn coding or things that look suspiciously like coding, like 'flow'. I suppose I will lose out on functionality if Shopify continues to go down this path of changing things so that we can't easily use the system unless we stop and become experts at tech. Just trying to find a way to export our customers who signed up for email was a task that was made harder and didn't need to be.


When we try to do something that involves setting up all these steps in flow we manage to break our system routinely, so my request still stands, that Shopify code it in to the existing discount page, as an option, for business owners that are unfortunately too busy to spend extra hours learning "if this, then that" systems.